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School Meals

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Free School Meals

As a parent, you may be eligible to claim a free school meal for your child. Carmarthenshire County Council manage applications for free school meals. You can check for information and make an application by going to the Carmarthenshire County Council website at the link below.

Free School Meals with Carmarthenshire County Council


As parents, in order to support the school in promoting healthy eating, please try to provide your children with healthy snacks and lunch boxes.

  • A lunchbox
  • Please aim to include at least 1 portion of fruit or veg per day
  • 1 portion of meat, fish, eggs, or non-dairy protein per day
  • 1 portion of starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta
  • 1 portion of dairy such as cheese, yogurt every day
  • A drink of water or juice